Project brief:

Full redevelopment and reconfiguration of traditional mews house.


Mayfair – London


230 sqm / 2,400 sq. ft.

Project type:


Project info:

The existing mews house was dated, with a layout that lacked imagination and didn’t come close to realising the property’s full potential. It was in need of a full revamp to suit the requirements of our client who had recently purchased it.

We spent a long time with the client and the interior designer, carefully detailing the new finishes and joinery to be installed. We needed a solution that would maximise storage space in the property while maintaining a stylish, high-end contemporary finish in line with the client’s preference and within a precise budget.

All joineries throughout the building were detailed by the Prestige Architects studio after discussion with the interior designer and coordinated with the manufacturer for a prime finish and a comfortable, new home. The entire building has been upgraded and the latest technology integrated, including high-security doors, windows, and garage doors.

The ‘Prestige Architects moment’ in this property? A real-life Bond cave.

Our team reconfigured the living space so that it now comes complete with a glass separation from the garage to the living room, meaning the view of the client’s sports car, his pride and joy, can be fully enjoyed from the comfort of his dining area.

This project expertly showcases how valuable our partnerships with interior designers can be. Through a collaborative approach, bringing together expertise from various fields, we were able to realise an entirely new interior scheme that fits with the overall vision of the building work; fusing high-end design and a premium finish with ingenious spatial reconfiguration.

Project team:

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