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Architectural Process Management

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At Prestige Architects our projects are streamlined through meticulous architectural process management.

We will advise you on and manage the entire project through to completion, overseeing each and every step of your renovation journey.

As lead consultants, we work closely with our clients and coordinate a team of consultants on their behalf to deliver multiple complex elements, ensuring all aspects of the process are carefully followed. This gives our clients a single point of contact which simplifies the process as we coordinate the rest of the extended team.

No two clients or projects are the same; we understand the infinite combination of steps that may contribute to the realisation of your dream home.

Our team of architectural professionals will guide you through a collaborative design process that allows us to understand your preferences. Conducting a comprehensive site analysis, we will assess the characteristics, constraints, and potential of your project. Feasibility studies are conducted to identify challenges and opportunities that may shape the design process, along with our choice of partnerships with professionals.Our commitment extends beyond the drawing board to process management and execution.

We work closely with contractors and tradesmen to maintain the highest standards and always deliver a project within deadline, that exceeds your expectations. Our approach is to always over deliver on our projects.

"Marco and the Prestige Team make significant effort to understand their clients’ needs and expectations whilst upholding a positive attitude with any challenges that arise along the way."

Contact us directly to discuss your project during a one hour design consultation.

Our initial consultations are free but we encourage a donation of your choice towards a chosen charity.