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What People say

Thanks to our attention to detail and dedication to go above and beyond for every client, Prestige Architects has inspired an extremely loyal customer base with a 90% return rate. This is demonstrated in numerous client testimonials some of which are shared below.

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“I have been very fortunate to have secured the services of Marco over the past five years to undertake projects in London, Switzerland, Jakarta and Singapore. The difference Marco brings to a project is his ability to ‘see into the space’ and create a design that is both practicable and in line with what I require added to this is his Italian flair for choosing materials that further enhance the whole design concept. Dealing with Marco is a pleasure as he is dedicated to his clients and his work. My only reservation in writing this is that Marco may become too busy to undertake my work as others discover the quality of architect and project manager he is.”
Ann K - Client
“Marco is quick and efficient, producing clear and accurate drawings, dealing with planning authorities, and organising and instructing builders. During the project he was always available and able to identify and resolve problems as they occur. His management of the team made a real difference to the way the job was done, and he ensured that it came in on time, despite a very tight deadline and on budget. He is a pleasure to deal with, and I would not hesitate to recommend him.”
Christopher & Andrea B - Client
“It has been nearly three years since I have known Marco. It is a big pleasure, joy and luck to know him, work with him, deal with him as he is a fantastic, productive and a positive person. He is excellently educated and raised very well with great Italian spirit and taste. I highly recommend him as you will enjoy every minute of working and communicating with him.”
Gayane A - Client
“I am particularly happy to have been in contact with Marco in occasion of my family buying a house in London that he had previously restored. He was very helpful in organising all the matters related to putting the house in good order for the satisfaction of the tenants, contacting the contractors and directing their work. He was particularly keen in obtaining the best prices, definitely permitting me to save lot of money compared with the offerings proposed by the agents. Its friendly attitude and efficiency, make a real pleasure working with him.”
Jacques S - Client
“I have been very pleased with the expertise, efficiency and attention to details. I am impressed with Marco’s design, taste and listening skills, patience and adherence to budget. I have recommended Marco to many friends and business contacts. All of them were very grateful and their expectations totally satisfied. Marco’s creativity, passion, builders’ managements and relations ability makes him an invaluable partner into the London housing market ‘adventure’.”
Barbara T - Client
“Marco provided me with fantastic support on all aspects of the project. He started with a very prompt initial assessment of the project feasibility. He then led a very constructive brainstorming about the design and produced all the necessary floor plans and technical documents for the builder. Finally he very professionally supervised the works, early anticipating potential issues and providing very useful advice. Having Marco on the project saved me a lot of time and money indeed.”
Alain C - Client
“Nothing is too much trouble for Marco, his quick response to emails and his willingness to deal with any problem with constant enthusiastic professionalism is fantastic. Not only did he manage my building project to the nth degree, come up with some great ideas and have a fantastic team, he also has been on hand following the end of our contract for any little questions I have had. I thoroughly recommend him to all.”
Elizabeth T. -Client

Part of our success of our work is our dedication in creating strong relationships with consultants with the same objective of exceed in the design process and delivery of the projects. This is demonstrated in numerous consultant testimonials some of which are shared below.

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“I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with the Prestige team on numerous high-end refurbishment projects. Throughout our professional relationship, they have consistently demonstrated an unparalleled level of expertise, professionalism, and attentiveness to my vision for interior design. Working closely with them on each project, I’ve been continually impressed by their ability to translate my ideas into breath-taking architectural designs that perfectly complement the overall aesthetic and ambiance we aim to achieve. Their keen eye for detail, coupled with their unwavering commitment to understanding and incorporating my preferences, has resulted in stunning outcomes time and time again. Beyond their technical proficiency, what truly sets them apart is their collaborative approach and open-mindedness towards my input. They have always welcomed my ideas with enthusiasm and respect, fostering a dynamic partnership that has greatly enriched the creative process. Their ability to seamlessly integrate my concepts while offering valuable insights and suggestions has been instrumental in bringing our shared vision to life. In addition to their exceptional talent and professionalism, their demeanour has consistently made every project a pleasure to work on. Their approachable nature, coupled with their dedication to ensuring client satisfaction, has always made them an invaluable asset to our team. Without hesitation, I wholeheartedly endorse Prestige Architects, and eagerly anticipate the opportunity to collaborate with them on future projects. Their unwavering commitment to excellence and their ability to bring visions to reality, make them an indispensable partner in any endeavour.”
Emma Pearson | Director Emma Pearson Design Ltd - Consultant
“The Prestige Team make significant effort to understand their clients needs and expectations whilst upholding a positive attitude with any challenges that arise along the way. Whether this is during the planning or construction period, they are responsive and show adaptability and attention to detail throughout. It is always a pleasure to collaborate with Prestige Architects in delivering bespoke and intricate projects that are adapted to each and every client’s requirements.”
Leonara Foley | Director Corrigan Gore - Consultant
“It’s always a pleasure to work the Prestige team. They really understand the planning process and how to present development proposals in the best light for their clients. They work at speed, with accuracy, and have developed a close network of technical consultants that can be called upon as required to support a range of different types and scales of projects. Having confidence that the package of plans, elevations and documents I will receive from them will be comprehensive and well considered makes my job as Planning Consultant so much easier and is a key factor in achieving good planning permissions without delay. The team is prepared to go that extra mile for their clients to ensure a positive outcome. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone thinking about embarking on a new development project.”
Paul Watson | Director Phillips Planning Services Ltd. - Consultant
“Marco is a seasoned and highly motivated architect with great enthusiasm which he carries to all aspects of the project – be it design, strategy, planning or the minutia of detailing. He has a very capable and well organised team of experienced architects. We very much enjoy working with Prestige and look forward to the next opportunity.”
Jason Roberts | Director Mlinaric, Henry & Zervudachi Ltd - Consultant
“I have worked with Marco and his team at Prestige for close to 10 years. The projects are always exciting with encouragement to engage and cooperate with the wider design team. From the start of any scheme, Marco and Prestige put the clients brief at the forefront of all decisions and ensure that all consultants are onboard with the vision. Marco has a great relationship with his consultants, and it has been a pleasure working on so many projects with him.”
Ciaran Conneely | Director Consil - Consultant
“We have had the pleasure of working with Prestige Architects on several high-end residential projects over many years, where we were involved as MEP consultants. Marco and his team consistently brought a level of creativity that complemented our design and their attention to detail ensured seamless integration with our MEP systems. We look forward to future collaborations with Prestige Architects.”
Brian Voges | Edward Pearce - Consultant

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